Sea Breeze Weyr

Here are the Members of SeaBreeze Weyr. See an open position you'd like to take a shot at? Great! The site is updated in all aspects when a ranker comes in, so if it's open here, then it's open for sure. If you do ask for one of our ranking positions, we ask that you please consider the ranking requirements. We will give you a break if you have a valid reason before the end of the month, of course. ^.^ Current members are given first choice if two sheets are submitted at the same time for the same position, but you'll still have a shot at it.

Persona Rank Dragon Color
Blade Sr. Weyrwoman Quintesenth Gold
Kahlia Weyrwoman 2nd Kyranacaravyrith Gold

Name Rank Dragon Color
A'dellan Weyrleader Hulth Bronze
K'tran Wingsecond Coltith Bronze
Kuui Wingthird Xaylith Green
D'car Brownrider Toranth Brown
V'ran Brownrider Merilith Brown
T'varien Brownrider Wyvirieth Brown
A'riste Bluerider Calencilth Blue
Tayyal Bluerider Lakaseth Blue
R'car Bluerider Vorinth Blue
Myra Weyrdragonhealer Lybreth Green
Necron Greenrider Saphyanth Green
Stevie Greenrider Raylith Green
Alunivar(ONPC) Greenrider Oniraveth Green

Name Rank Dragon Color
S'tar Weyrsecond Raynorth Bronze
Open Wingsecond Open Bronze/Brown
Raquel Wingthird Mournith Green
C'lar Bronzerider Zyrith Bronze
Z'harian Bronzerider Vrinitarth Bronze
K'vark Brownrider Slaymyth Brown
Qr'don Brownrider Nevadeth Brown
S'karin Brownrider Fushinayth Brown
Kedu Bluerider Astakath Blue
D'sol Bluerider Ryath Blue
U'ylan Searchrider Kikikylath Green
J'tarin Greenrider Darath Green
Lynallele Searchrider Syrith Green

Persona Rank Dragon Color
Br'van Sr.Weyrlingmaster Volaranith Bronze
T'rnan Jr. Weyrling Master Cernyth Brown
Open Candidate Master Open Blue/Green

Junior Weyrlings

Hulth/Quintesenth m5/d2

Name Rank Dragon Color
Tamina Gold Weyrling Toriyath Gold
A'dros Bronze Weyrling Lakanith Bronze
K'ran Bronze Weyrling Jaroketh Bronze
L'ian Brown Weyrling Cerenath Brown
C'ray Brown Weyrling Stylth Brown
Th'ush Brown Weyrling Sohakath Brown
Z'verlan Blue Weyrling Eandarth Blue
Awne Green Weyrling Astoreth Green
Meredi Green Weyrling Sailenth Green
Yana(NPC) Green Weyrling Jyddath Green
Shelley Green Weyrling Arenewith Green
Jonee(NPC) Green Weyrling Tanith Green
Janah Green Weyrling Kalith Green

Want a Weyrling rider persona? Great - we're accepting all colors for transfers (with the exception of gold, of course) but they must be a Senior Weyrling, since they can /between/ and fly without supervision.

We also have Junior Weyrling colors open. If you'd like one of these, please hurry since they are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Here's the openings for each color: bronze 1, brown 1, blue 5, green 3.

To visit the nonriders (Weyrfolk, Crafters and Candidates) please click here.