Brown Weyrling Th'ush

Name: Th'ush (Lothaush)
Age: 17
Residence: SeaBreeze Weyr
Dragon Colour: Brown
Dragon Name: Sohakath
Dragon Age: Hatchling (m5/d2)
Pet Kind: Firelizard
Firelizard Color: Blue
Pet Name: Vay
Pet Age: 7
Craft: Tanner
Rank: Jr. Journeyman
Description: Physical - Th'ush is just about done growing. He's reached the height of 6' even. He doesn't have much when it comes to muscles, but now that he's Impressed, he's hoping weyrling training will make it possible for him to 'bulk up'. His eyes are a warm brownish gold color, and his hair a dark chestnut brown. One wouldn't call him handsome, but many agree that cute can be his label.
Emotional - He's a little confused, now that he's Impressed his brown dragon. While proud of his beloved Sohakath, he only stood to placate his parents. Otherwise, he's a nice person, belives in equality and fairness. Th'ush is a bit inclined to permit others to do things for him, but hopefully, being a weyrling will break him of that.
History: Th'ush was born as Lothaush, the second oldest child of his parents. One, a greenrider, his mother, and the other, a Harper. He was your typical weyrbrat. He loved dragons, and at the age of 10 was given a firelizard egg. This hatched his little blue friend, Vay, who was his partner in crime for the remaining turn he was in the Weyr. At the age of 11 he was apprenticed as a tanner. He wasn't happy with the lack of dragons, but coped. At his seventeenth birthingday (m8d5) he was promoted to Journeyman From there he was stationed at the Weyr (Sea Breeze)to be with his mother, and his younger brother who'd Impressed a blue. He was Searched by the dragon his sibling, younger by one turn, had Impressed and stood to placate all. He didn't intend to Impress at all, but the brown dragonet Sohakath decided that Th'ush was the one for him and they became one in mind. Now the next step is for them to make it through Weyrling training, but only time will tell. Dragon Description: Sohakath will grow to be a decent sized brown - larger than any blue, but will not challenge the bronzes in size. His body is sleek and slim, and he will never be as massive as some of his clutchmates. His coloring is an even, warm, light brown. Almost like fresh tree bark.
The dragonet loves life and doesn't know what the word 'bad' means. He loves everyone and expects it back from them. He's persistant, and will always get his way with his rider. A charming beast, he wants to see what the world has to offer to himself and his rider.
Pet Description: Vay is an average blue flitter. He's flirty, a little on the dumb side, but just a good friend. He likes to play with green, and if it's shiny (like a gold or bronze dragon) he'll want to figure out what it is. His hide is an even sky blue with some darker cornflower blue on the tips of his wings and toes.

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