Greenrider Necron

Name: Necron
Age: 19
Residence: SeaBreeze Weyr
Dragon Colour: Green
Dragon Name: Saphyanth
Dragon Age: 1
Pet Kind: Firelizard
Firelizard Color: Bronze
Pet Name: Fronny
Pet Age: 4
Description: Stand off-ish. Seems cold and distant at first, but really nice when you know her. Red hair, blue eyes, pail, slender and medium hight.
History: She, ran away from Hold, and lived on her own for awhile, a Dragonrider found her and was going to take her back to her Hold, but her firelizard got the dragon to take them to the Weyr. Were inavertantly she impressed Saphyanth.
Dragon Description: Large for a Green, dosen't like conflict, of confrontation. Doesn't like thread, and especially fighting it. But will if she has to.
Pet Description: Small. Loud mouthed and a fire-cracker. Doesn't like anyone getting to close to either Necron, or Saphyanth. Thinks he is a big drangon. (typical small man complex.)

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