Greenrider J'tarin

Name: J'tarin
Age: 26
Residence: SeaBreeze Weyr
Dragon Colour: Green
Dragon Name: Darath
Dragon Age: 9
Pet Name: Grin (feline tom)
Pet Age: 2
Description: An easygoing man who tries hard to agree with people, not to be a doormat, but because he dislikes arguments. Will refuse to continue a conversation with someone who persists in disagreeing. Follows orders scrupulously and can take initiative if he must, but feels more secure if he's led. Dark blonde hair brown eyes wide face with grin lines, high cheekbones round cheeks 5'10" tall, neither thin nor heavy, but comfortably in between. Strong from training. Wears vests covered with embroidery and loose comfortable pants, in all colours.
History: Born at Southern weyr, he was a weyrbrat, therefore stood on the stands as a matter of course, Impressing Darath at age 17. His mother was a greenrider who was killed by a fever when he was 20. His father is a brownrider in the fighting wings.
His decision to transfer to Seabreeze Weyr was only prompted by a difficult time at his home weyr, when his sister, a sickly person at best, died of the same disease that killed his mother. He was closest to them at the weyr, and decided he didn't want to stay in the place where they'd died.
Dragon Description: Darath is an outgoing green, friendly with just about everyone, including animals, and can't quite understand why runnerbeasts are so averse to her presence. Steady in Threadfall, she makes up for lack of size by hopping between to and fro.
Darath is pale blueish green, darkening on her ridges and paler on her underbelly. 21 length and 37 wingspan
Pet Description: Grin is a scraggly grey and white shorthair feline with long legs. He likes laying in wait behind doors and under tables or bed to pounce on unsuspecting feet.

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