Brown Weyrling C'ray

Name: C'ray
Age: 17
Residence: SeaBreeze Weyr
Dragon's Name:Stylth
Dragon's Color:Brown
Dragon's Age:Hatchling (m5/d2)
Craft: Herder
Rank: Junior Apprentice/Brown Weyrling
Description: Emotional: Cray is very emotionally strong. He is able to think logically and push aside emotions to come to a reasonable, or what he thinks is reasonable, decision about situations. This only gets him in trouble because he is slightly cold about realationships.
Physical: Cray is about 6' tall and has dark wavy brown hair and deep green eyes. He is not very muscled but his medium build is well toned. A long scar runs down the length of his back, where he was attacked by a wild feline fending his herds.
History: Cray grew up herding with his father. They tended bovines, raising good meat for their Lord Holder. His mother died when he was very young giving birth to one of his many brothers and sisters. His father soon repartnered, but Cray has no real realtionship with his stepmother. When he was searched, his step mother was quite suprised because she did not think anything could be made of this quite boy.

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