Sr. Weyrwoman Blade

Name: Blade
Age: 25
Status: Sr. Weyrwoman
Dragon: Quintesenth
Color: Gold
Age: 9
Craft: BeastHealer
Rank:Jr. Journeywoman
Pets: Blue firelizard Spiffy, Bronze firelizard Trouble
Physical Description: She stands a little over five foot eight. Her hair is a coppery rust color. Too much brown in her hair to be considered red, too much red to be considered brown. Her body is fit, trim and in good shape. While lightly athletic, she doesn't strive to exercize. She consideres it less important than the other functions in her life. Riding a queen dragon and being Senior Weyrwoman is more than enough to keep her in shape. Her eyes are more of a chocolate color, sometimes mixing with light greens depending on her mood to make mud. When she smiles, she gets light dimple marks and always seems to be cheerful even when she's trying to hide something. She's right handed, but tends to scribble down notes that she intends to keep to herself with her left.
Emotional Description: By no means a weak woman, Blade's been through enough to count for it all. She's not a loudmouth, but she does appreciate a good conversation. Due to her love for speech, she'll talk if there's anyone around who is willing to listen. She'll pour her heart and soul out to someone who she is comfortable and familiar with. When in a formal state of mind, she's rather quiet, and will wait for silence before speaking. She figures that if what she has to say is important, those who are waiting to hear her will quiet down. Blade rarely ever needs to raise her voice for attention because her mere presence demands respect. She likes to allow people to get out their frustrations and then offer advice, and during an initial meeting, Blade is a very friendly woman. She's afraid of relationships in fear of being hurt due to many unfortunate relationships while she was younger. They were not major, but everyone has those insecurities that keeps them from being the person that they really were intended to be. Sadly for her, while she wants to get into a steady relationship with someone, she's never been able to really start one with Tr'blen outside of what's good for the Weyr. She's not obsessed with finding a human lover...but it couldn't hurt.
History: Born as a unwanted flight baby, Blade never knew her biological parents. She didn't really care much for them, nor did she ever want to seek them out. Her fostermother was a loving woman and did all she could for the adventorous little girl, even though she thought she wouldn't make it through the days with her charge at times.
Apprenticed at the age of eleven, she wanted to help animals who were hurt. She worked hard on her craft and did all she could to be promoted. She pleased her masters and proved to be very adept at working with the apprentices younger than herself. Climbing up the Ranks quickly, she was a Journeywoman at the age of fifteen. Blade didn't know what to do, exactly, when she was promoted so young, but decided to stay at the Hall for the time being.
She had hopes of becoming Pern's next Master BeastHealer. But a green dragon on Search had other plans. Almost reluctant to accept the dragon's call of Search, her fostermother told her to give it a try. If she didn't Impress, that she always had backup as a Beasthealer.
This was why she went and stood on the scorching Sands of Seabreeze Weyr. The gold egg seemed to have no meaning to her. She expected a green dragon if she was to Impress from Xylenthenath's clutch of twenty seven. Blade looked over the sands and saw a green. It turned it's head to look at her, and she heard someone say, }: My name is Quintesenth and you will be my rider. :{
She was almost scolded by the queen dragonet when she ran for the green, mistaking who had spoken to her. At fifteen, she was Pern's youngest queenrider, but proved that she was up to the standards of the color of her mount.
When Xylenthenath was struck down by the mysterious draconic illness, Blade and her young dragon queen, Quintesenth, were to lead the infant SeaBreeze Weyr. The gold hated K'landrel's bronze and she didn't get along very well with the Acting Weyrleader her rider had chosen.
She realized that K'landrel and herself were not fully compatable a bit too late. The bronzerider, however, was well liked, and she did admit that he knew what he was doing. She put aside her own needs and was more interested in the good of the weyr. Blade and her Weyrleader, K'landrel, had frequent bouts, and some of them were in public.
The Weyrwoman was totally relived when her golden lifemate rose to mate for the first time, making her feel like a true goldrider and weyrwoman. Tr'blen's bronze Gonth caught Quintesenth in all but two of her mating flights, keeping the Weyrleadership pretty much solid. While Tr'blen and Blade are not totally compatable, they make due and are an efficent team when it comes to Weyr business.
Dragon Description: A bright, buttery golden dragon. She's of average size, not too big and not too small, Quintesenth is larger than any bronze in her Weyr. She's not flirty, quite reserved and very loving. She hates to resort to any kind of anger, and expects respect from all the other dragons and her fellow queens. Obeying the first time she asks is a key in staying in her favor. She will talk to those other than her rider directly, but it takes a very special person to do it. Her tail is about six inches too long for the rest of her body and she has one Threadscar going across her back from an unfortunate accident during an errant and erratic Threadfall. She gets along will with other queens, and like her rider, tends to open up once she gets to know her fellows.
She doesn't exactly like her rider's two firelizards and simply can not tolerate felines. She's otherwise fine with all creatures, and likes to take life one step at a time. Her thoughts run along the lines of, if it's going to will.
Pet Description:
Trouble his hide is shiny and bright, resembling a burnt orange, only metallic in hue. He's a sweetheart, and isn't given to flirting much, either. He perfers gold firelizards, rarely ever rising for a green. He has a good tongue when it comes to food, but otherwise...he could care less.
Spiffy Decisive and thinks he's a person. This aqua-green firelizard has a penchant for colors. He'll get into artist's paint just to make himself look more attractive. One can usually tell he's a blue - sometimes he's just so covered in paint, however, that you can't tell if he's even a natural firelizard color.

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