Brownrider V'ran

Name: V'ran
Age: 24
Dragon Name: Merilith
Dragon Age: 6
Dragon Color: Brown
Craft: Tailor
Rank:Brownrider/Jr. journeyman
History: V'ran was born and raised in SeaBreeze. His background is typical of those raised in a weyr. He has a greenrider mother with his father being any of several blue and brownriders. He was raised by a foster parent and was apprenticed at the age of 12. He reached journeyman status and shortly after that he was searched for SeaBreeze weyr. He impressed the brown Merilith at age 18.
Physical description: V'ran's your average guy, he has medium brown hair that falls into his hazel eyes. His skin is tanned, but not overly so. He's an average height, standing about 5'9". He's not big boned, but neither is he stick thin. His hands have fingers that seem very long for his build. And those few females who looked beyond his average guy exterior found that he was _extremely_ good with his hands.
Emotional Description: Emotionally, V'ran's a very steady guy. He's often been the shoulder to cry on and he cares alot about his friends. He has often reached out to those who need someone to talk. V'ran loves to be liked by people, but he won't go to the extremes to get friends, like some people do.
Dragon description: Merilith is an average, uniform brown color. He is average in size for a brown, even though his wingspan is slightly big for his size. Merilith enjoys nothing more than flirting with greens and is at odds with his rider about the ammount of time he spends at his favourite pasttime.

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