Brownrider Qr'don

Name: Qr'don
Age: 24
Residence: SeaBreeze Weyr
Dragon Colour: Brown
Dragon Name: Nevadeth
Dragon Age: 8
Pet Kind: Firelizard
Firelizard Color: Blue
Pet Name: Hatu
Pet Age: 6
Craft: Woodsmith
Rank: Journeyman
Description: Qr'don is one of the shorter, but one of the more handsome men at the Weyr. He stands at about 5'7, has short chesnut colored hair, green eyes and a nice facial appearance. He's well built, but not overly so, and is quite attractive - just a little on the short side.
Qr'don is emotionally stable; always looking for a good time, well natured, thinks positively, and enjoys mating flights. Then there's his masculine side which tends to get in the way of most of his relationships. Being jealous when other men flirt with a female that he likes doesn't go over well with him. He's notorious for getting into fights over relationships and anyone else that ticks him off. But that rarely happens. Usually, he's in a well tempered mood if you see him approaching you.
History: Born and raised at SeaBreeze Weyr, Qradon led a quick childlife and teen years. His parents were both dragonriders and he was Searched at age 16 for the latest Hatching at the Weyr. He Impressed brown Nevadeth and was named Qr'don from then on.
He made quite a few friends and girlfriends at the Weyr - one of which was bronzerider A'dellan. They became quick friends and soon best friends. They did, and still do, everything together. But since A'dellan-Hulth won the mating flight of the senior queen, changes have been made to both their life styles. The new Weyrleader and brownrider have grown apart in many ways; but they are still close friends. Life hasn't changed much for Qr'don though. He still "looks up" to most people as he always has. Dragon Description: Nevadeth is one of the smaller browns - but is notorious for doing outstanding aerial stunts when flying and shows off when he particpates in green flights. He was bold enough to even fly in a gold's flight once; he almost won, but lost to a much larger bronze. Sometimes cocky, Nevadeth flys thread with Qr'don very well. They have never been scored, due to the agility and speed of this brown.
Pet Description: Hatu is a blue firelizard with a mission: to someday fly in and win a gold firelizard flight. He's an average colored blue, maybe a tad bit larger than most, but nothing to awesome. Full of determination, this firelizard will take Qr'don to new heights.

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