Weyrwoman's Second, Kahlia

Name: Kahlia
Age: 19
Location: SeaBreeze Weyr
Craft: Healer
Rank: Journeywoman
Position: Weyrwoman's Second
Dragon name: Kyranacaravyrith
Dragon color: Gold
Dragon age: 1
Pet Type:Firelizard
Brief Description: Physical: She is about 5'8'' tall. She has hair of a very dark black color that glistens in the sunlight. Her hair is so black it almost seems to be a deep sapphire blue. Her hair is a little longer than it should be, but she is proud of the black waves that cascade to below her shoulders. Her eyes are the very pale, clear shade that is often called ice blue. She has a tightly muscled frame and is blessed to be fully proportioned in breast and hip. Her skin is a milky color, that while lacking any pigments, doesn't make her look like she spends too much time indoors, it just serves to enhance her beauty. Kahlia has a small thread scar at the base of her neck that she is very self concious of. She does her best to conceal it with her hair, but she is not always succesful. Emotional:Kahlia is very easy to get along with. She is calm, quiet, and the type of respectable girl that any man would want. She's cheerful all the time, but not annoyingly so. She has a smile permanently on her lips and there is little anyone could do to make her mad, or make her dislike them. Often, she will sit with her legs crossed, hands folded demurely in her lap, and she always makes eye contact with people she talks to. Her hands are always cold, and as the popular proverb suggests, she has a heart big enough to encompass all of Pern. She often daydreams and you can tell this by the dreamy look in her pale blue eyes. She gets people to respect her out of kindness and empathy with them rather than being gruff and strict. She inspires loyalty most by knowing when to follow and when to lead. Kahlia believes that the rules cannot be broken but, they can be bent at times. Kahlia does not like anything that is out of order or messy. And watch out, when you anger her, she has quite a temper. She enjoys the company of all people and animals. She particularly likes firelizards and runner beasts. She has always wanted to own a runner but, she has never had time to propperly care for one.
Brief History of Persona: Kahlia was born at Midnight Light Hold to mated parents. She apprenticed to the healer craft when she was 12 turns old. She achieved journeywoman status shortly before she was searched at the age of eighteen. She impressed Kyranacaravyrith the first time she stood on the sands. Blade, current weyrwoman of SeaBreeze Weyr is Kahlia's cousin. Even though they were cousins, they were raised as sisters, and her closeness to Blade is one of the reasons she decided to transfer to SeaBreeze.
She is worried about the lack of dragon queens on Pern. She worries that with ten queen dragons, even with a queen egg in the clutch on the sands, it is possible that the beloved beasts of pern could become extinct. Her worries are magnified by the fact that her lifemate is one of the few queens living on Pern.
Dragon Description: Kyranacaravyrith is not bossy or rude or conceited. She, like her rider inspires loyalty by friendship. She can often be seen talking to ther dragons. Not just bronzes and browns, she often talks to greens and blues. She likes firelizards as well and thinks the little creatures are cute. Kyranacaravyrith is very curious. She will often sneek up on people (If it is possible for something as large as a gold dragon to make anything resembling a stealthy aproach) and watch what they're doing. Kyranacaravyrith is the beautiful golden color of the rising sun relflecting of a lake. Her claws, muzzle, the end of her tail, and her wingtips are a slightly darker shade of gold. Her hide shines in the sunlight and under the moons. Kyra, as she is often called, is small for a gold. She is about the size of a small bronze or a very large brown.
PetDescription:Tympar or Tymp as he is often called is almost as curoius as Kyranacaravyrith. He's intelligent, but not overly large for a bronze flit. He is a brownish bronze color, that while he does have a metalic sheen, he also has brown pigments to his hide. He has a mean streak that often makes him find himself on the wrong side of Kahlia's temper.

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