Weyr Dragonhealer Myra

Name of Persona: Myra
Age of Persona:25
Residence: SeaBreeze Weyr
Dragon Colour:Green
Dragon Name:Lybreth
Dragon Age: 3
Description of Persona: Emotional: Cool headed and a problem solver. She gets very wrapped up in her work and tends to ignore problems close to her heart. Occasionally this builds up but for the most part she blocks it out. This generally is not a problem with her friends, but if she is busy, she ignores everything but her job.
Physical:< She is approximently 5"8' and curvey. Her line of work keeps her overly all fit, and tan. She has black hair and almost black wide eyes. Her face is pretty but mysterious and her manner is graceful yet determined.
History: Myra grew up in MLH and lived a happy childhood. She enjoyed visiting the Healer hall because healing intrested her almost more than anything else. Anything else until the day she found out there were dragons. She was searched, to the dismay of her parents who thought that dragon riding was quite a waste of time, but when she Impressed Lybreth even they had to be happy. She managed to work on her craft, and since she was so adept at her craft, she was promoted to Master at an early age and is now the Weyr dragonhealder.
Description of Dragon:Lybreth is an extremely layed back dragon. She wakes up when challenge, often working symaltaniously with her rider to get out of tough spots. For the most part she reminds Myra not to get to tangled up in work, and keeps her happy and focused.

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