Weyrling Training

Weyrling training in Sea Breeze is 'Time Warped', so you won't really have to spend two years as a Weyrling. Here is a rough outline of what you can expect with a new Weyrling persona. Also  -  Weyrlings must be at least 16 turns of age in order to Graduate to a Fighting Wing. They can remain in the Weyrling Wing and act as assistants, or they can be drafted to the low flying Queen's Wing.

Month/Sevenday Lesson/Duties
M1 Period of most rapid dragon growth and partner adjustment; all time spent caring for dragons when not in classes on dragon care (s1,2), dragonrider history and procedures (s3), or ground drill formations (s4).
M2, S1 Firestone selection, sizing, bagging; WLM to watch for possible group leaders. Class: ground drill formations, advanced.
M2, S2 Begin ground drills, primarily weyrling chains ("fill & toss") to build stamina and strength; selection of group leaders for trios and nines. Class: First aid.
M2 S3/4 "Dragontoss" (practicing tossing and catching full bags of firestone), continue weyrling chains, begin ground drills in trios. Classes: s3 - Continued first aid class, with emphasis on Threadfall injuries. s4 - how to make and take proper care of riding straps.
M3, S1 Make riding straps, ground drills trios and nines, weyrling toss from dragonback. Class: Flight safety
M3, S2 First flights - must have instructor present; with instructor permission trios can then practice flight together. Class: Aerial formations and Threadfall.
M3, S3/4 Trios and nines aerial drills, weyrlings move into individual weyrs. Classes: s3 - Advanced aerial formations. s4 - Guest lectures and demonstrations of different dragon colors abilities to manuever in Threadfall, etc.
M4, S1 Begin elevator duty, visualization drills for /betweening/, continue aerial drills. Class: /Betweening/ safety.
M4, S2 First jumps /between/ - must have instructor present, with instructor permission trios can then practice /betweening/ together, promotion to senior weyrlings. **Note dragons can now understand rider's romantic relationships** Class: Groundcrew procedures and sweeprider responsibilities.
M4 S 3/4, M5 S1 Aerial drills with /betweening/ with trios and nines, riders who are behind in training begin receiving intensive one-on-one attention from instructors and/or group leaders. Classes: s3 - Using /betweening/ to fight Thread effectively, formations. s4 - "experimental formations" - weyrlings come up with formations, try them out and debate "effectiveness" against Thread. m5s1 - Dragons as rescuers - carrying mock patients properly, etc.
M5, S2 Begin firestone training, teaching dragons to chew, first flaming, assigned rider buddy to follow on duties and recreational flights. Class: Mating flights - rider responsibilities and what the flights entail.
M5, S3/4 Aerial drills with flaming, Ropes Drills with older riders assisting and demonstrating. Classes: Observing Wing drills of various Wings.
M6, S1-4 Blooding, continued aerial and Ropes Drills, assessment s3/4 for Fighting Wing Assignment. No classes - just intensive drills and practicing.
Last restday M6 Graduation