Candidate Jonne

Name: Jonne
Age: 16
Residence: SeaBreeze Weyr
Pet Kind:Firelizard
Firelizard Color:Green
Pet Name: Madele
Pet Age: 2
Description: Emotional: Somewhat sullen, the young woman does have the ability to change her moods according to the needs of others. She is very receptive, picking up surrounding emotions easily, and altering her mood to deal with them. This makes her a talented, if slightly emotional, leader. She has a fear of not being intelligent enough, but is aware of this and does her best to deal with it. Occasionally she struggles with self-esteem problems, and likes to keep busy enough that she has no time to obssess about it. Jonne is unorganised and a bit of a procrastinator, but very active when she knows it is important. She has good friendships and relationships with men, but nothing sexual.
Physical: Light golden-brown hair falls below her shoulders in a gentle wave. Shiny and straight, it compliments her creamy-beige skin and brilliant green eyes. Small-boned and petite, she stands a mere 5'3" tall. She is quite skilled with the basic cosmetics available, and is inventive as well. She likes to dress neatly, in light, clean colours and fabrics that flatter her fair skin, eyes and hair. When it comes to her appearance, she gives a lot of effort, realising that the first impression always counts. Pretty and elegantly attractive, her one major blemish is a round birthmark on her left wrist. Peachy coloured, it blends in fairly well with her skin, but Jonne hates it, and will often wear long sleeves to hide it.
History Born in Malay Hold, to a single mother and unknown father, Jonne was an outcast amongst the Traditional and snobbish holders. Her mother, a tiny weak woman named Ronikia, raised her well, but let Jonne run rampant. A tomboy, she soon learnt how to take care of herself, and it wasn't until she turned 14 that she let her feminine personality loose. Her mother pledged her to a holder she disliked, and the strong willed girl left home to join a craft hall. Halfway to Midnight Light Hold, she was picked up by a bluerider and Searched. She is now living in the candidate barracks at Sea Breeze Weyr.
Pet Description: Madele is a twittery green, with sparkling hide and sparkling personality. Quite large in size, with a kelly green hide splattered with almost blue patches on her tail and wings, she stands out. Flirtatious and not-so-bright, she can be vague, and Jonne has given up on trying to train her. She sometimes disappears for days, but shows up eventually. Jonne isn't too worried, she knows her flit will return when she wants to.

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