Timeline -- Month 4

Key --
SBW = Sea Breeze Weyr
MLH = Midnight Light Hold
SSH = Silent Stories Hold
MLH-DH = MLH Dolphin Hall
MLH-BH = MLH Beastcraft Hall
MLH-HH = MLH Harper Hall
MLH-SH = MLH Seacraft Hall
SSH-HH = SSH Healer Hall
SSH-WH = SSH Weaver Hall
SSH-SH = SSH Smith Hall
SSH-TH = SSH Tanner Hall

T = Threadfall
R = Restday

There are approximately 91 days per season. So, this is a little hard to
calculate. Basically, since a Pernese month is 28 days, and there are 13 this
means a season will last about 3.25 months. I've made it basically opposite
to Northern Continent seasons, as far as I could tell they went.

Spring = 8.75 through 11
Summer = 12 to 2.25
Autumn = 2.25 to 5.5
Winter = 5.5 to 8.75

So, month 4 weather is basically middle to late autumn. Due to our
positioning, it'll be a lot like the weather on the Florida Coast (near the
bay) and possibly prone to a few hurricanes here and there. We should
actually be getting more showers and thunderstorms than we've been getting,
and we should see a few waterspouts here and there. Remember, we are coastal!

1 >> Cool, Breezy and Clear
SBW -- Blade's Intro, she and Quintesenth talk about the Weyr/Tamina's
Intro, she gets ready for the day/Merrick has a rude awakening/Kahlia's Intro
and she meets Blade
MLH -- Thorpan's Intro

2 >> Partly Cloudy, Sunny
SBW -- Br'van and U'ylan's intro, they meet under odd
circumstances/Dhandra and Merrick talk and go to bed together/Tamina finds
Merrick burying a Tunic/

3 >>Breezy, Sunny -
SBW -- Blade and Ch'maratan talk
MLH -- Lady Fianon tries to take a bath, is interupted/
MLH-HH -- Leiena's Intro - Thorpan conducts a barracks inspection

4 >> T / Windy, Showers -
SBW -- Br'van, Tamina and Merrick have a Firestone war/Elhuara "talks"
with her flit (Deryn) after he brings her some sheet music/

5 >> Cloudy, Breezy
SBW -- S'tar's Intro and Blade tells him he can be Wingleader/Br'van and
Dhandra talk about her relationship with Merrick/Renein and Coltrin are late
for chores/Tamina meets Yana/Yana finds out her mother is pregnant
MLH-HH -- U'ylan Searches MLH-HH and finds Thorpan's daughter
Paxa/Thorpan gripes about Paxa being searched

6 >> Breezy, Partly Sunny
MLH-HH -- Thorpan inspects a dilapidated closet's floor
SBW -- Tarver banishes Merrick from the kitchen

7 >> R / Cool, sunny
SBW -- T'lacin and Tellurith's Intro and they make plans for the
day/Blade asks U'ylan about his dress and where she can get her own/Thorpan
meets U'ylan and lectures him on proper dress for men, the place of women and
the horridness of dragons/ Valeran arrives at SBW/Blade welcomes Valeran to
the Weyr/Renein gets a letter from home/Tamina finds Renein and talks to her
about Impression/Py'lar posts Candidate assignments for sevenday two/Janah learns her candidate job

8 >> Sunny, Pleasent
SBW -- Awne's Intro/ Kl'nan helps Awne get situated/Master Algul's Intro
/ Tarver temporarily incapacitates Merrick / V'ran and Dhandra have a
one-nighter/Kyranacaravyrith sneeks up on Br'van/Cafell arrives at SBW/Cafell
settles into the Candidate Barracks/Andros is introduced/Cafell meets up with Aaryn again/Andros is searched by Syrith

9 >> Partly Cloudy, Isolated Showers
SBW -- Awne explores the Weyr/Tarver has a dream and meets Awne/Tarver
makes Awne a big breakfast/T'lcain and Gibrelle speak with S'tar about
getting a new feline for Gibrelle

10 >> Chilly, Rain all Day
SBW -- Dhandra and Merrick wind up in her rooms after he tries to figure
out what's wrong/Radon and A'dellan meet/Tr'blen and Blade talk about the
clutch and their relationship/Raquel's Intro
MLH - Thorpan informs Nayaecla she is going to the weyr, effective
immeadiately/Janah visits her old friends at the the Dolphineer's Hall and
catches up with D'ral...a friend or sorts

11 >> T / Breezy, Cool, Slightly Cloudy
SBW -- Renein sees Tamina after years / oils Tellurith and thinks /
T'lacin gives a fatherly visit/Paxa spends time with her brother Th'pax

12 >> Cool, Sunny, Windy
MLH -- Dhandra goes to MLH
MLH-DH -- Dhandra finds out she's pregnant
SBW -- Tamina and Isashani meet and become enemies/Dhandra tells Tamina
about her "illness"/Dhandra tells Br'van the news/Tamina and Awne meet

13 >> Breezy, Cloudy
SBW -- Lynallele and A'riste go for a swim, and go "too far"/Dhandra
tells Merrick that she's pregnant and that the baby is his/Merrick and Br'van
have a heart to heart
MLH-DH -- Algul studies Dolphin Hall's assignments/MasterDolphineer Algul posts the duty rosta

14 >> R / Sunny, Clear, Beautiful
SBW -- A'dellan and Blade meet; Isha plays cupid/A'dellan's feelings grow
fonder for Blade/Blade and Quintesenth talk about A'dellan and love at first
sight/Zakaverlan comes to the weyr

15 >> Clear, Sunny, Warm
SBW -- A'dellan and Blade talk again and their dragons discuss their
approval/Lynallele and V'ran spend some time together/The MasterDolphineer visits one of his old apprentices/Tamina and Awne skip outta candidate duties/Tamina and Awne skip outta candidate duties & have some fun with D'car

16 >> Cool, Overcast
SBW -- Br'van and Ciana wake up after a night together/Ciana tells about
Br'van to her friends, Tamina overhears, they clash/Tamina spends some
quality time with Radon in a ground Weyr/Tarver breaks his leg/ Zakaverlan's runner Myssara arives with some harpers traveling to the

17 >> T / Rain all day
SBW -- Radon cleans the Barrack floors, Ciana talks to him(Ciana's Intro)/
Tamina confronts Br'van about him sleeping with Ciana

18 >> Thunderstorms
SBW - Zakaverlan is followed around by Calla after he shows her some kindness/Tarver escapes to the kitchen

19>> Cloudy, Windy
SBW - Tamina and Janah meet, she recomends Master Tarver to help with
Patish's lack of appetite

20 >> Windy, Partly sunny, fog patches
SBW - Dayonara arrives at the Weyr/Meredi Introduces herself to the new girl/Meredi & Dayonara meet/Meredi & Dayonara chat at dinner/Kahlia takes a walk and Alealyan picks up and keeps a necklace she drops/Lynallele convinces Alealyan that she has to give Kahlia's necklace back/Raquel pisses the wrong person off/S'tar gets his burns treated/Kahlia and S'tar plan a get together.
MLH - Thorpan accuses Master Algul's dolphins of having stolen fruit
from his hall

21 >> R / Breezy, Cool, Sunny
SBW -- The Eggs are Shown/Meredi Goes for a nighttime walk/Lynallele's Syrith rises and is caught by Br'van's Volaranith/Andros goes to watch Syriths flight

22 >>Cool, Sunny
SBW -- Meredi thinks about the Hatching

23 >> Warm, cloudy
SBW - Yana and Andros meet for the first time
since the egg showing/Andros has his morning breakfast and starts his morning chores./Yana has Breafast, war of the mind, and chores/ Yana and Andros go swimming

24 >> T / Breezy, Slightly cloudy
SBW - Andros starts his day/Andros finds out his new chores for the current sevenday/Zakaverlan goes for a ride and Myssara gets spooked. Zak recieves claw
wounds on his shoulder from a scared Calla./Calla's claws need to be forcefully removed from Zak's shoulder and Kahlia swears that she never wants to see Lynallele's fire-lizards again

25 >> Warm, sunny
SBW - Vrinya and Vrilirel's intro, they cause trouble/

26 >> Warm, slightly cloudy
sbw - Tamina thinks about candidates and weyrlings
MLH - Algul prepares the sevendays duty rosta

27 >> Sunny, clear

28 >> R / Cool, clear, slightly cloudy