Head Woman Milossa

Name: Milossa
Age: 37
Residence: Midnight Light
Rank: Headwoman/Nanny
Description: Milossa has steelgrey hair, merry blue eyes, and motherly roundish body. She is short, happy, goodhearted person but has also rather sharp tongue. She shamessly mothers everybody who's younger than she. She can be bossy when needed. She is only person in a hold whom Darul obeys.
History: She came to Midnight Light Hold as Darul's nanny, after his mother died. Married hold's beasthandler and they got five children. After Darul didn't need nanny anymore, she became first assistant headwoman and then finally the headwoman.

This persona is an ANPC (Adoptable NPC) if you wish to adopt her, please e-mail the creator.