Lord Heir Darul

Name: Darul
Age: 15
Location: Midnight light Hold
Pet Type: Canine
Pet's name: Havoc
Pet's age: 2
Rank: Lord Heir
Description: He was born as Lord Dorias's and lady Celonna's youngist son. Darul is dark haired, brown eyed youngster. He's little plum and has round face, he also suffers from acne. Not very good-looking and has always sullen look in his face. He's difficult teenager with a tendency to get in trouble. He's spoiled brat who is used to getting what he wants. He likes gambling and 'having fun' but hasn't discovered girls yet.
History: His mother died when he was infant. He was raised by his nanny, Milossa, and pampered by his father. As a lad, he used to admire Garadon and followed him around. He discovered the joys of gambling two years ago. He's not interested in learning Lord Holder's duties, just the priviledges. During the last couple of years, he is clashed his will with Garadon's, and will do so in a future.
Description of Pet: Brown, large hound. Mostly neglected by its owner, Havoc has learned to rely on kitchen staff's kindness and it can be found there most of the time. Havoc loves attention and caresses. He\'s goodnatured and guite a lazy.