The body that tends to make most of the decisions in the club. To lighten the load of work, we have five seats. An odd number so we can always have a decision as well! But if you have any questions or problems, this is where you should direct your questions! Our next election will be in mid-to late August.

Seat 1 - HTMLer, also tends to send out announcements and votes to the whole club if it's not for one particular person or group. This person should have some background in running a club and must be patient and able to keep his or her cool, this seat also includes communications!
Occupant: Amanda -

Seat 2 - Persona Approver / Master of Mentors, this person will also fill in for Boardie number one if he or she is on LOA. Approves personas and sets new members up with mentors to guide them through their first few posts.
Occupant: Leah -

Seat 3 - Flight Organizer - This person will set when the female (green and gold) dragons and firelizards in the club will rise to mate. Greens once every three months, golds every five months, ICly. Also in charge of flits and watchdragons at the holds.
Occupant:Kahlia -

Seat 4 - TimeLiner - This seat's occupant will keep track of all the posts, decide the seasons, weather and days threads will fall. Timelines with new weather are sent out once a month, updated with all posts and major SLs on it.
Occupant: Amanda - (Temp)

Seat 5 - Requirement Tracker - Makes sure that all people are keeping up with their requirements and issues warnings after they've been approved by the BoD. Also will take care of all people on LOA, and alert the BoD of people who are shirking duties.
Occupant: Falyn -

Mail the Full Board!

So...what exactly do we decide? Listed below are a few of the major things that the BoD it's self will approve. If you're not sure, then send us an email just to be sure...better to be safe than sorry, isn't it?

Of course, these are just a few of the many things we approve. The club as a whole will vote on who's on the BoD, who gets ranking positions (like weyrwomen and weyrleaders, wingleaders and lord holders). Also, big events like Gathers or Races are up to the members - if they want it, send your ideas to us and we'll give you a date approval.