Welcome to Sea Breeze Weyr! We're an alternate 11th Pass PBeM Weyr. In our timeline the computer did exsist, and was found, - however, his plan to destroy the Threads failed. The main difference was that it was found in the mid-tenth Pass, and not the ninth like in the books. Threads came, dispite many people's belief. Most of the population was taken by surprised and killed by the inital Fall of the 11th Pass. Riders, holderfolk and craftsmen were all taken aback by the huge loss.

Quintesenth and Hulth's clutch hatched m5.d2, giving us a class of 23 new weyrlings! Congratulations to all the newly Impressed. If you want a Jr. Weyrling, now's the time to join in!
Our Junior Queen, Kyranacaravyrith is due to rise sometime this month, and that means a hatching is not too far away, plan on making a candidate? Now's a great time!
We still have many ranking personae up for grabs! These are open to anyone who is interested in them. Please see the Open Ranks page for details.

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