Queen Candidate/Journeywoman Beastcrafter Renein

Name of Persona: Renein
Age of Persona: 19
Residence:SeaBreeze Weyr
Pet Kind: Firelizard
Firelizard Color: Brown
Pet Name: Coltrin
Pet Age: 1 turn
Rank: Jr. Journeywoman
Description of Persona: Physical: Renein stands 5'6" tall; a short cap of blonde hair swings about her face with her bouncy step, and light brown almond-shaped eyes sparkle with laughter at all she sees. Reny has full lips, a rounded chin, high cheekbones, and lots of freckles scattered across her nose and cheeks. Her figure is slim, with slight but well-proprtioned curves. She has a cute-looking habit of tilting her head to the left, due to the fact that she is deaf in that ear from a childhood illness.
Emotional: Reny is usually very easy-going, enjoying life each day as it comes. She makes casual friends easily, but rarely does someone become more than a close aquaintence. Being the "baby" of her family, Renein can be rather bratty at times, especially when she wants something. When younger, Reny would sometimes use her handicap to generate sympathy and get her own way; she quickly got over that tendancy after she apprenticed to the Bastcraft.
History: Born at a small cothold beholden to Midnight Light Hold to a Mastersmith father and a Journeywoman Weaver mother, Reny was the sixth of seven children. At age 10, a mysterious illness swept the family's cothold, killing her two eldest brothers and leaving her completely deaf in the left ear. To help compensate, reny developed the trick of tilting her head slightly when when talking to someone, and now few can tell she has a handicap at all. The family moved to the main hold after the fever had passed, and Reny grew up there, apprenticing to the Beastcraft at age 12. Reny reached Journeywoman status at age 17; she was searched just after her 18th birthday, but left the Hatching sands alone that time. Downhearted, her parents gave her a firelizard egg to help cheer her somewhat, and it hatched a beautiful dark chocolate brown that she named Coltrin. When Reny heard of the most recent clutch at Seabreeze Weyr, she resolutely decided to try once more to find her lifemate.
Pet Description: From the moment of Hatching, Coltrin has been a very deep chocolate brown color, with some lighter tannish spots scattered over his body. A very loving and willing creature, Col quickly learned how to deliver messages and run other simple errands. His favorite perch is Renein's right shoulder; for this reason she always wears a thick leather pad there. Endlessly curious, Coltrin will often follow Reny as she works, sometimes frightening both the runners and himself with the results of his crazy stunts. He delights in being scratched and stroked along his back and wings, butting his head against Renein's cheek as she pets him.

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