Greenrider Maylaynia

Name: Maylaynia
Age: 26
Residence: SeaBreeze Weyr
Dragon Colour: Green
Dragon Name: Setaeth
Dragon Age: 10
Pet Kind: Feline
Pet Name: Siray
Pet Age: >1 turn
Description: Physical: Very dark brown hair falls to her waist and is usually worn bound in a cinnamon-bun twist. It’s usually painfully straight, but develops some natural wave when she reaches Sea Breeze and the moist ocean air. Intelligent brown eyes analyze the world under somewhat bushy eyebrows; a small upturned nose gives Maylaynia a rather haughty expression that is softened by the ready smile on her full lips. She stands 5’8”, and is not at all slender (actually, she’s just this side of chubby, but calls herself “voluptuous”). She prefers cotton cloth to leather for comfort; likes brightly-colored shades to accent her dark hair and eyes; tends towards clothing styles that hide her lush figure.
Emotional: Maylaynia is a terribly serious and shy person; she enjoys an intellectual conversation once in a while, but does like to talk/giggle all night with a close friend. Nia, as she prefers to be called, has few deep friends, preferring to stick with those she knows. She is a creative individual, and could have made a good Harper or jewel-smith or several other crafts, if she had been able to pay attention long enough to learn one. She has a kind heart under the flamboyant exterior, but has learned to guard her soft side well against those who would take advantage of her. History = Born at Igen Weyr to rider parents, Nia was fostered to a family of weavers living in the Weyr. The family already had 3 boys of their own, and was glad to take Maylaynia. She was raised a milk-sister to the youngest boy, Zanir, and has remained closest to him through the years. Nia never learned any craft, except getting out of unpleasant chores(!), because she couldn’t sit still long enough to study one.
Nia has had a string of weyrmates in her years as a green rider, but never anything serious or long lasting. As with learning a craft, she quickly became bored with each one and dropped him for something new and exciting. She’s never had children, and never will if she can help it (“a few extra moments in between at the right time…”).
After a particularly disappointing relationship, Nia requested a transfer south, and was assigned to Sea Breeze Weyr, a totally different climate than any she’s been used to.
A few sevendays before her move, Nia found a tiny kitten in her weyr. She shooed the animal from the room, but soon found it back again. Irritated, she went in search of the cat’s owner, only to be told there wasn’t one—it was likely from a recent litter, but it would be hard to identify from which cat. Nia chased the kitten away for more than a sevenday, but it inevitably returned each time. Since she was trying to pack the accumulated junk of almost ten turns for the upcoming transfer, she soon ignored the kitten’s presence. Eventually, Nia came to like the kitten; she found herself laughing at the creature’s antics and enjoying her gentle purring at night. One morning, she woke with the cat sleeping curled against her on the blankets, and greeted her, “Hello there, Siray.” That’s when Nia knew the cat was there to stay.
Dragon Description: Description: She’s almost like a rainbow of green—pale as new leaves along her body, darkening along the limbs until a forest color is seen at the tips of her tail and wings. Setaeth’s head is tinged with emerald, and her eyes usually match this color.
Personality: Setaeth is very much like her rider. She can appear flamboyant or serious as she chooses. She’s beautiful and knows it, likes to bask in direct sunlight to show off her multi-hued hide to best advantage. She is intrigued by the tiny feline Nia adopted, though the interest is certainly not mutual.
Pet Description: A lovely calico blend of orange, white, and black, Siray is a dainty and delicate looking animal, with a thinly buried playful side. She’s a very energetic kitten, but when she’s in the mood she’ll will curl up and sleep for hours in Nia’s lap. Nia didn’t want her, she chose Nia; gets skittish around strangers and tends to hide. Doesn’t like Setaeth very much, will arch and hiss, then hide when the dragon is around; she raked Nia’s arm with frightened claws once when the rider tried to take her into the dragon’s weyr.

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